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About Me

I was seven years old when I watched “Back to the Future” and my world changed. I was captivated by the magic of filmmaking, the works of Spielberg and Zemeckis, and dreamed of making movies in Hollywood someday. 


Fast forward to age twenty, I became one of the first Avid editors in Turkey, and moved to Los Angeles soon after. I remember sitting in the edit bay one morning, proudly screening a cut with the producers, and thinking “I can’t believe I get to do this, and get paid for it!” – My version of the American dream!


My excitement and enthusiasm for the craft have only grown bigger over time, and I’ve been lucky enough to make a successful career out of it, cutting a wide variety of long form content from feature films, to documentaries and high profile network television, and winning some awards along the way. 


Having edited in both narrative and unscripted spaces, I hold a distinctive edge in solving problems (such as structure issues, missing coverage, mismatching screen directions and continuity, ripple effects of changes in story beats, having to condense information way down, inserting and removing characters to and from scenes…) as well as understanding subtext, forging nuanced performances and maintaining the right pace and tone to craft the best story possible. 


As I continue my journey, I want to focus more on character-driven narrative with emotional complexity and relationship dynamics. I want to help filmmakers tell their story, dig deep into the psychology of their characters, create an exciting audio-visual experience, and do all the “re-writing” necessary to make their vision come alive. I look forward to collaborating with storytellers who enjoy exploring different ideas and aim for perfection.

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Film & TV Editor

First Edit Bay_edited.jpg
With Artie Schmidt.jpg

My First Edit Bay, 1999

With Artie Schmidt,
Editor of  "Back to the Future"

Best Editing Award
at Beverly Hills Film Festival

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